Change Log

Version 113:

  • Fixed a few compilation bugs due to unvalidated changes in 112.

Version 112:

  • Added support for compiling ZFS on Linux (ZoL) module using the script dg-zfsbegin. The compiled zfs kernel module binaries are cached in the cache partition, so that the relatively slow compilation process only needs to run once per client machine (at least, until the kernel or ZoL version changes or so).

Version 111:

  • Upgraded linux kernel versions and upgraded to Gentoo profile 17.0. Changes to default gcc options in the Gentoo upgrade broke libaboon builds. The unpranker tool has been modified not to do the complicated linker script stuff anymore and simply reads its own binary as a file (this requires argv[0] to be maintained correctly throughout the boot process, which it now is).

Version 110:

  • Addressed to-do list item: (X) Support including source package files in buildroot rootfs images.

Version 109:

  • Small update to firefox wrapper to have more symlinks to standard directories in the user’s home directory, as well as a symlink to the home directory itself.

Version 108:

  • Addressed to-do list item: (X) Find out how to turn off “telemetry” and any other similar privacy-destroying features of the firefox.

Version 107:

  • Addressed to-do list item: (X) Remove bindist USE flag from firefox build as it doesn’t seem to do anything useful. Also: Improved gdisk wrapper and added sgdisk wrapper. Fixed a bug relating to a new device tree format in 4.14.x affecting the 4GB veysp configurations.

Version 106:

  • Addressed to-do list item: (X) Write and include sgdisk and gdisk wrappers for the veysp platform that work around the locked eMMC initial region problem. (Did only gdisk, not sgdisk).

Version 105:

  • Addressed to-do list items: (X) Split the veysp test configs into separate 2GiB RAM and 4GiB RAM versions. (X) Make veysp global configs (in preparation for binary release).

Version 104:

  • Upgraded linux kernel versions to 4.4.107 (x64/bpi) and 4.14.8 (rok). This required some fixups since 4.14 eliminated the capability to build fbcon as a module and deleted all firmware building support from the linux kernel source tree. The good news is that since 4.14 will be an LTS release (as 4.4 has been for ages) there shouldn’t be any need for mucking around at the kernel level for a while.

  • Upgraded buildroot to the latest version 2017.11.

  • Various small fixes, including detecting unexpected profile changes in world1.sh. This is so new builds won’t break mysteriously when the 17.0 profile becomes the default in Gentoo’s stage3. It will be necessary to update world1.sh at each profile change.

Version 103:

  • Fixed failure to properly utilize GENGEN_NETESC in getsrc usage of wget in gengen.sh.

Version 102:

  • Added/improved support for updating the portage snapshot, especially in the deployment script.

Version 101:

  • In the deployment script, fixed application of the overlay for ./dg-setup.sh prefetch on the exterior machine.

Version 100:

  • The version number has been bumped to 100, as this is the first full release of DeityGuard.

  • The new 4-deploy directory contains a new deployment script that automates the process of installing DeityGuard as well as starter/sample configurations. Documentation on how to use this new deployment script is still to be written.

Version 010:

  • More “third idea” improvements. The buffer has been increased greatly to accomodate larger runs of missed packets seen during testing. The client can now also detect when it has missed too many packets and stops operating abruptly rather than passing bad or incomplete data on to tar. While the new detection code doesn’t improve the bottom line that transfers can fail if you are extremely unlucky, at least the new code ensures that if it looks like it’s working, it’s actually working. The main tuneable parameter is THID_ZONE_CHUNKS, which must have the same value in pusher.rb as in client.rb. The higher THID_ZONE_CHUNKS is set, the greater the resistance to long runs of packet loss. Transfer rate is actually unaffected by THID_ZONE_CHUNKS (what a deal!), but latency does get worse as the value is increased. Pushing up REPEAT_FACTOR further (it’s now 3 by default) is also an option, but of course that will cause a proportional reduction in the transfer rate.

  • The world1 file has been updated to be compatible with the latest daily portage snapshot (something related to netsurf broke).

Version 009:

  • Rewrote “third idea” again to improve robustness. Rather than handling individual files, it now tries to send a stream as reliably as possible and tar is layered on top. This expands the feature set to include all features of tar and eliminates the thorny problem of how to handle transmit failures when sending commands.

  • Embedded is a no-go due to hardware/driver limitations on Banana Pi.

Version 008:

  • Rewrote “third idea” to consume less temporary memory hopefully making it suitable for embedded.

Some previous releases are available here. Versions before 104 are no longer being publicly distributed by me. The “source code” archives automatically added by GitHub are empty; the actual source code is contained only in the “deityguard.tar.xz” archives. (This will change eventually when I find it appropriate to import DeityGuard into a public git repository).